Indica and Sativa - The Main Differences
Cannabis is probably one of the oldest crops known by mankind with records of when it was first cultivated dating to many thousand years back. It is now widely acknowledged that there are two main strains of cannabis.Read more about  Indica and Sativa Strains of Cannabis  at  Quantum 9 Inc.   . These two main strains include the Cannabis sativa and the Cannabis indica. When these two strains are crossbred the result will be different varieties of hybrid strains.
It is believed that sativa and indica strains each have unique effects when consumed and for these reasons, many people use these strains for various purposes. Below are some of the main differences between sativa and indica.

When it comes to plant morphology, sativa plants are much taller have loose branches, and their leaves are narrow and long while indica plants are often short, have dense branches, and their leaves are wide.

The effects of consuming this two different strains vary. Your nerves will become more stimulated when you consume sativa while indicas will sedate your body. The energy you derive from consuming sativa will assist you in carrying out your daytime activities. Indica, on the other hand, has an opposite outcome. They tend to make you feel more relaxed, and they are deal for those nights that you wish to relax your body from all the stresses that you are going through you when you want to have a deep sleep. Generally, most doctors prescribe indicas when treating ailments like inflammation and body pain and sativa for treating depression and ADHD.

Patients who are dealing with multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease and glaucoma are advised by their physicians to use the indicas strain. Read more about  Indica and Sativa Strains of Cannabis  at  about   .While Sativa aggravates anxiety and creating paranoia, Indicas is used in the treatment of anxiety.

Since Sativa can uplift and energize effects on a patient's mind, it is considered one of the most efficient drugs in treating mental disorders. Some of the conditions treated by this drug include anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD. Before you commit yourself to sativa medication, it is advisable that you test out other strains because sativa strains are said to increase people anxiety.

Cannabis sativa first discovered by the French biologist known as Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785. He noted that some marijuana plants found in India were mind-altering and could be converted into hash. But those found in Europe lacked the intoxicating effect. As a result, he introduced the name Cannabis indica that could differentiate the Indian cannabis plant from the European hemp which was referred to as the Cannabis Sativa.

Afterwards, researchers focused on identifying the difference between the two and they based their research on the genetic production of CBD and THC. Those plants that produced high levels of THC were considered to be indica while those plants that produced high levels of CBD were referred to as sativa.Learn more from

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